What Is RTP

NetEnt slots RTP: Find more about different NetEnt slots and their respective RTP

RTP is a short form of return to player. It is simply the percentage amount of money the slot can pay back to player after a certain duration. Different NetEnt slots have different RTP. You can visit topnetentcasinos to understand more about NetEnt casinos and RTPs.

How RTP is Calculated

RTP helps to predict how much you can lose in a particular slot. There are many slots with high RTP as you can see in https://www.cachildcareproviders.org . RTP is calculated using a large number of spins (usually millions). As a result, it makes games entertaining to play.

  1. How to determine RTP
  2. Average RTP of NetEnt slots.

Determining RTP is a complicated process especially when there are more pay lines involved in a particular slot. The game with higher RTP is likely to pay more compared to the one with low RTP. Most of NetEnt slots have RTP of above 97%.

NetEnt Slots With Highest RTP

Jackpot 6000 and Mega Joker are known to have the highest RTP in the market. They pay 98.86% and 99% respectively. Blood Suckers is the second in the list with about 98% RTP. Other slots paying well includes Kings of Chicago and Devils Delight with RTP of 97.8%.

It is always a dream of every gambler to play those games with the highest RTP. However, most of the casinos will shy away from including slots with high RTP in their pool of slots. They are in the market to make profit not loses.

Why you Should not Be Fooled By High RTP

As a new gambler, it is easy to fall for the RTP. However, before you comit to a particular NetEnt casino, you should check the wagering rating. It is simply the amount of time a player needs to play the cash in the bonus before they can withdraw.

It is a risk management factor imposed to protect the casinos from running bankrupt. Every bonus has a requirement to be fulfilled by the player. For example, Blood Suckers 2 has an RTP of 96.94% but the bonus wagering rating is 6.72 is too high.

RTP and Variance

RTP and Variance are two different things that should not be mistaken. Variance simply means the amount of risk involved in a particular game. Low variance games mean that a player gets smaller hits to help them continue playing for long (more spins) without a bust.

  • Effect of Bonus wagering requirement on RTP
  • Relationship between variance and RTP

Games with high variance have their RTP tied to a bonus feature. Since they give you a big hint, those games don't have medium or small wins in their base game. However, in case the player makes a hit, they walk away with high profits.


The NetEnt RTP Conclusion and Verdict

NetEnt casinos are known to have the highest RTP in the market. However, not all slots with high RTP are friendly to your bankroll. In case the game has high volatility, you will need to play millions of spins before you can realize your RTP.

Most casinos will always shy away from including slots with the highest RTP in their collection simply because they fear to make losses. As a player, you should always check the terms and conditions (such as the wagering requirements) of the game before they select a slot.

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